BITCOIN 1156.244 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:30 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 12:20 25.02 BITCOIN 1156.090 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1154.989 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1152.253 10:00 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1155.880 09:00 25.02


At Citrades our customers are worth more to us than the gold we trade. We take pride in exceeding your expectations as we strive to deliver the most professional, helpful and friendly online trading service possible. If you would like to post your experience as a trader or send us any feedback, please email us at

Smiling- Mädchen -Headshot -LA-424-200x300

Citrades has the by far the best customer service in the industry. As I have learned how to trade binary options, the support center was always a phone call or chat away to answer any questions. Their binary courses helped me as a beginner learn how to trade and more importantly when to trade.

Jessie Robertson
28 - USA

Citrades has helped me learn a great deal about Binary Options. The training school is the best tool available for a beginner to options. I was able to learn the fundamentals of the FX market and basic strategy in a matter of hours. The brokers even took the time to teach me money management techniques that I am still using to this day. I recommend to anyone looking to improve their trading ability and make money at the same time.

Alex Hosseinpour
38 - Bahamas

I can only thank Citrades for the success I have found using their managed account. After a short 2 months I was able to pay for a year of college tuition. Citrades VIP Account Management has been extremely rewarding. I had access to my personal broker who was able to adjust to my every need 5 days a week. He always had good advice and management strategy that made me profits. The accounts are custom tailored so there was a program that was perfect for me. My account is still open and I monitor it every day with full transparency.

Scott Kim
23 - China

I have traded binary options with a few other companies however, no company has yet compared with The Citrades customer service, 24 hour trading, affiliate program, and free signals were enough to separate them from the crowd, not to mention they treat you with the most personal and effective service. I don’t know what else I would look for in a broker… Thank you, Citrades.

Niels Van Sandt
42 - Netherlands
4 (1)

The great thing about Citrades are their offers. When I first deposited,not only did I start receiving alerts on my cell phone about what to buy or sell, but they also gave me a free demo account so I could practice before I was confident enough to trade my live funds. They even gave me an insured trade for 500 dollars on my first position. I never thought I would get such a boost! They know how to ease their customers into the markets, that is what I really love about them.

Tiffany Beckman
34 - Sweden

Binary option trading has never been easier. Citrades offers a platform that even a 10 year old would be able to use. I have had many experiences with trading online, this one is by far the best and easiest to use. No broker commissions, no fees, I simply check the markets and buy and sell from their list of assets, which is extensive.

Katherine Epstein
46 - Canada

As an experienced options trader, the most important thing to me is trust. If I can’t trust the company I trade with, I can’t work with them. Citrades has proven to be a really reliable broker. Depositing is easy, withdrawals are always on time, and the market rates are fair. I am still trading after a year and that says it all. I highly recommend the services of the senior staff, especially the VIP managers Philip Baron and Steve Philips, whom I personally interact with on a regular basis.. Thank you very much Citrades for your great platform and great service.

Adam Goldman
62 - UK

I was new to the binary industry, and when I contacted Citrades, they set me up with a Demo Account to try the platform. Within 15 minutes I was trading FX and commodities. I never knew how easy it was to pull 85% returns from simple 60 second trades. I come from the banking sector, and I have since diverted larger funds since the interest rates on Corporate accounts with Citrades is actually higher than those of my local bank. No more mutual funds or CD accounts, now I trade on my own and my untraded funds are pulling over 6% a year allowing my money to work while I sleep.

Hans Straatman
55 - Germany

The most important thing in a binary options site to me is the trading tools. I want to know that the platform that I have entrust my money to has the proper features I am looking for. Citrades offers 5 different paltforms to choose from, everyhting from regular Binary, 60 seconds, Long term trades, Pair options and one touch for the weekends. In addition they offer the SELL, double up and rollover features which increase my finance significantly when trading. They also offer over 120 assets to choose from which gives me many choices which I love. As far as a platform, you cannot do much better than that!

Petros Gonzolez
41 - Spain

I have been trading Binary Options for years and my favorite aspect of Citrades are the promotions and market updates. I have never seen another broker offer so many good deals to their clients. Each week there is something new. I took one such offer recently and am now using their Autotrade Tool. I wake up and trades have been made on my behalf according to my specific preferences. I have never encountered a service like this anywhere . These guys have done their homework, they know what their clients want and they give it to them.

Brian Richardson
65 - Switzerland