BITCOIN 1156.244 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:30 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 12:20 25.02 BITCOIN 1156.090 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1154.989 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1152.253 10:00 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1155.880 09:00 25.02

Spot Follow

CiTrades SpotFollow is the ultimate revolution in the binary options industry boosting more favourable return on investment. SpotFollow is social trading at its best.

How does it work?

The SpotFollow feature is very straightforward and is available on the trading platform itself. Traders can choose as many leaders and copy their transactions. It is very easy to initiate and you can ‘unfollow’ a leader at any time. You have the ability to choose top traders according to the assets categorised on the platform. You will be able to identify traders according to the initials and their country flag.

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Scan and find up the most performing leaders according to your preferred asset
  2. Choose your follow period & the investment amount
  3. Click on the “Follow” Button and you are done!

When you follow a trader, you copy all their positions including double-ups.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

The SpotFollow has multiple advantages especially for beginners’ who do not have any knowledge about binary options trading.

The SpotFollow finds the sweet spot between manual trading and hands-free trading. You have the ability to choose the follow period and the investment amount per trade. That’s all! You use the community wisdom for your own benefit.

With SpotFollow, you can have your own say! You can choose the follow period, ranging from one day to days, weeks, months, and even a year!

Moreover, there’s limited risk in over-spending. The investment limits per trade enables to take decisions regarding your funds and you have full control.

Come experience an exquisite social trading journey with SpotFollow.