BITCOIN 1156.244 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:30 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 12:20 25.02 BITCOIN 1156.090 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1154.989 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1152.253 10:00 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1155.880 09:00 25.02



For a profitable trade to take place, there is only the need for the price to close in-the-money and the winning trade will receive the entire payoff, even if was ‘right’ by a single pip.


In financial market assets have a bid price, this is the price at which an investor can sell an asset in the financial markets. The bid price is a part of the formula which is used to calculate the expiry level of an asset.

Binary options (digital options)

Trading options that pay out a pre-set and fixed amount if the underlying asset on which the option is based reaches the trader’s selected ‘direction’ (up or down compared with advertised value at the time of purchasing that option) at expiry time.

Call option

A call option provides the investor with the opportunity to gain if the asset rally's above the open rate of the call transaction. in the event that the expiry rate is the same as the open rate, the investor will be refunded with the full investment amount.

Citrades rates

CiTrades enables the client to buy or sell an asset with no market spread. The open rate for a put option = open rate of a call option.


Commodities is a general name given to raw materials from a variety of sectors such as energy, food and metals. for more information see "asset index".

Controlled Risk

The percentage reward is known from the onset, as is what you stand to lose.

Execution rate

The entry level of the investor to the trade.

Expiry rate

The price/level of the underlying asset when the option expires. This price determines whether the option is in-the-money, out-the-money or at-the-money.

Expiry time

The time & date when Binary Option expires and reaches the end of its predetermined life cycle.