BITCOIN 1156.244 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 13:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:30 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 12:20 25.02 BITCOIN 1156.090 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 12:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1154.989 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 11:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1152.253 10:00 25.02 Saudi Arabian Refineries 37.250 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 10:00 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:40 25.02 EUR/USD 1.05620 09:30 25.02 BITCOIN 1155.880 09:00 25.02

Deposit/Withdrawal Procedure

This policy applies to all CiTrades accounts. To deposit and withdraw any funds with CiTrades the Following criteria must be met by each client. Each client must submit documents authenticating their account with CiTrades.
These documents are:

1. A Photo ID. This must be government issued and can be a driver’s license, passport or residency card.
2. Proof of address such as a utility bill. This must verify your physical or billing address in the country of your residency.
3. If invested through credit card, then a copy of the credit card used for investment must be sent. The copy should be that of the front and back of the credit card with the middle 8 numbers of the card covered and the CVV on the back of the card should be covered as well.
4. Compliance form These documents should be scanned in clear copies and sent via email to with your name in the subject line of the email.

These documents can also be faxed in clear copies to +1 800 935-0543.

Deposit procedure:
A client can invest with CiTrades using multiple methods. Those methods are Credit cards, debit cards and wire transfer. CiTrades is working daily on providing our clients more processing and investment methods.

Credit Cards:
The credit card used for transaction with CiTrades must match the name on the account. CiTrades accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro, Visa Electron and Diner’s.

Wire Transfer:
The minimum for a wire transfer is $500. Any transfer below the amount of $500 will be charged a $25 fee. The wire transfer must be to the exact details which are posted on the deposit website under wire transfer. You must email a copy of the wire transfer to It can take up to 5 business days for the wire to appear in your CiTrades account.

Withdrawal Procedure:
CiTrades’s finance department handles all withdrawal requests submitted. The documents outlined above must be submitted in order to process a withdrawal. There is no fee to withdraw via credit card, however any withdraw using bank transfer will accompany a processing fee of $25. Once a withdrawal request is submitted it can take CiTrades up to 3 business days to process the request. Once the request has been approved please allow an additional 5-7 days for the funds to show in your account.

Credit Card Withdrawal:
All funds invested by a credit card can be withdrawn to the same card only. The maximum withdrawal amount to a credit card can not exceed the amount invested. Any additional funds can be withdrawn via wire transfer.

Wire Transfer:
A wire transfer withdrawal can be done for profits or those account which vested using the wire transfer method. A processing fee of $25 is applied to a wire transfer withdrawals.


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